IFAM's site has been up since 2008 Originally Promoting Music. Now this site is to inform others not invovled with "The United States Government Localized Strbring Command".  
barack obama in 1917 - wtf ??
National Museum of Nuclear Science & History Located Near Kirkland AFB , NM
Who in the Fuck Let the Rats aka "Wet-Tails" in the house (house meaning planet earth)! The "End of Times" as stated in the Bible; are near and many humans already gave into the obamas' and other corporations accepting payouts. KOS stands tall and says "NOT HERE, NOT NOW and Back to the Depths of Hell demons where you were spawn from"!  
-- No one has the right to invade anothers' mind! Once you breach anothers' mind, you breach your National Security - All of it! --   
KOS Exposes
The United States Government Localized String Command
The United States Government, Military, Carnival Cruise Lines and Global Corporations Exposed - They are responsible for embedding people with Nano Technology while you sleep. The USA Head "Wet-Tail" in Charge, obama, along with the Devil aka Christopher Case with their pathetic demons are attempting "World Domination".  
Those utilizing nano-technology to infiltrate your mind and record your thoughts have been accepting payouts from The USA Government and other Global Corporations thus losing their own soul. A grip of information proving these facts are throughout our site with external links for the jackers. These string commands are not mine nor do we have a fucking program or a show of any kind!  



obama approved
Nanotechnology (BCI)
Brain Computer Infrared
obama advances
"World Domination"

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obama said he will be passing a law stating! "Anything you think, can and will be used against you in a court of law". Quote from obama to KOS on 03 June 2014.  
  That Law Smells Like Wet-Tail    
KOS Is not The Only One...
Standing up against the United
States Government currently
stealing Mankinds' Thoughts

Memories, ideas and dreams!


obama the head wet-tail said
"We don't have the right to
think what we want to think".
Mankinds' thoughts are no longer
safe. They're being recorded
by The United States Government.
Then passed around for the world
to experience and fuck with.
Is your reality full of your own
thoughts or an illusion??
Once The United States Gov
evil nano- technology
program infiltrates your brain
while you are sleeping;
They are able to capture, save,
re-structure, encode, replay
and fabricate your thoughts.
Sad but TRUE !
Those whom are participating
willingly assisting demons are
brain-washing people.
The Human Soul does not look
like a the rat many have seen.
KOS calls those 'Wet-Tails".
KOS the Purple Light
ST. John
└KOS - The Voice in The Sky
☆★ "The Voice In The Sky" ☆★ Many say it scares them... others say they notice when KOS is indoors, the voice is being masked. Masked by norads satellite shielding, says KOS !  
DRAGON PIRATES will never respect
anyone assisting demons whom are hurting
mankind with "The United States
Government Localized String Command"



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